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How to: Limiting Search Results to New Books


Did you know when searching in our catalog, Henry, you can limit to the newest books added to our collection? 

Why is this helpful? 

This is helpful if you want to see the most recent books published on a particular topic. We continually monitor the latest research and seek out the most updated information and editions of books written on many subjects in our collection. If you're familiar with the books we have in our collection on a particular topic this will help you to see what's new so you don't have to wade through and determine the books you've already used for your research or read already. 

How do I limit my search results? 

Click on the image below to make it larger and use the numbered steps below to learn how you can turn this filter on -

1) Your search terms will appear up at the top

2) Select New Titles on the left hand side and select your time range. Your results will automatically refresh. If you wish to remove a filter to select a new one don't forget to select the remove link that will appear next to the filter title. 

3) Once filtered by when the book was added to our collection you also have several sort options at the top. Select from a number of options including publication date, author, title, call number and more. 

Meet your Library Staff

Each month we will feature a Q&A with a Buhl permanent staff member or student from the library.

 Meet Conni Shaw


How long have you worked at Buhl Library?

  • 19 Years

Tell us a little about your educational background and work at GCC

  • I am a GCC alum and graduated with an elementary education degree.
  • Here at Buhl, I coordinate the library's Interlibrary Loan Service, copyright and Course Reserves

Name 2 things that people might not know about you:

1. I am creative and enjoy scrapbooking

2. One of my hidden talents is calligraphy. I have put my skills to use addressing envelopes with script for several weddings.

Autism Awareness Fundraiser


Back in March Buhl Library began selling Daffin's candy bars for our annual Autism Awareness event to buy school supplies for a local support classroom. This year's classroom is Miss Amy Cline's K - 5th grade autistic support classroom at Lakeview Area School District. We were able to raise $360 by selling 720 candy bars to purchase items on her wishlist.  You can see the supplies below. Thank you for your support GCC and your sweet tooth to support a great cause!


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Happy Stay at Homecoming Weekend


In celebration of Stay at Homecoming weekend, the staff of Buhl Library thought it would be fun to recreate one of our favorite photos from years past. 

The image on the top pictured above is from the mid to late 1950s after Buhl Library opened in the fall of 1954. The first two pictured staff members from left to right are Mary Reynold, and Isabel Forbes. We're unsure of the identity of the third librarian. They are pictured with two students. Isabel graduated from Grove City College in 1923 and was the head librarian from 1925 - 1960. Mary Reynold is a graduate from 1937.

Flash forward to Fall 2020 more than 60 years later and our front desk area looks the same with the addition of some new technology behind the desk. Pictured on the two ends are our student workers and three librarians behind the desk. From left to right - Cole Greer, Joyce Kebert, Megan Babal, Barbra Munnell and Emma Nitzsche. 

What's New?

PLEASE NOTE: Our New Book Display has been temporarily removed and the books have been moved into our general collection. You can still browse the newest books and featured collections from the library online on the landing page for our online catalog, HENRY.  

Click on the book titles for book descriptions.

What's New?

What's New?


Click on the book titles for descriptions and to access the eBook

Featured Collection : Celebrating Women in Law 


Transparent Supreme Court Building Clipart - United States Supreme Court  Building , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

With the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg we are featuring a collection of books about women in law this month. Below you will find books about Justice Ginsburg's life as well as her own writings. Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves behind a legacy as a champion of fighting for equal rights for everyone under the law especially for women. After graduating at the top of her class from Columbia Law School she was unable to find a job and faced first hand the gender discrimination that she would later argue against in the Supreme Court. Out of the 6 cases she argued, she won 5. She focused on gender stereotypes and their harm to both men and women often taking up cases fighting for equal rights for men as well. Her work has had a direct impact on common activities such as opening a checking account, applying for a credit card or signing a mortgage that we may not think twice about today. However, less than 50 years ago women were required to have a male co-signer on these accounts. I hope that you'll take a few moments to stop in, pick up one of these titles and learn about the important role women have played and will continue to play in the field of law. 

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