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If you haven't received Choice Cards for book ordering, don't worry, use Choice Reviews online! Choice Reviews is a great resource containing almost 200,000 reviews of academic titles ranging over the past 28 years. Use it to order books for your department and your classes to add to the library collection. As a faculty member at Grove City College your expertise in your fields of study is invaluable and we appreciate your help in selecting titles for our collection so our students have access to the newest and most important research from leaders in their fields of study during their time here at Grove City College. Learn about Choice Reviews below and how to get started by watching the tutorial below.

Working remotely? Don't worry, you can access Choice Reviews from home! You will need to be connected to GCC's VPN for access. Need help connecting? Click here for instructions.



Book Ordering Process


Book orders are due March 17th

Each department or major program is allotted new book money each year and may determine how they as a faculty group wish to distribute the funds among themselves. Consult your group's Library Committee representative or department chair for allocation details and an explanation of the process used in ordering books and journals.

Ready to place your order? Submit your book orders to Jill Forsythe, acquisitions (x2047,  Please speak directly with Jill to expedite rush orders for reserve shelves or to check the status of an order. 

Need help selecting books for your department? Please consult Barbra Munnell, coordinator of collection development, for assistance in finding and selecting books to order (x3824,

GCC Staff Resources


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Did you know as a staff member at Grove City College that you have all of Buhl Library's resources available to you? You can checkout books, audiobooks, and DVDs. You also have access to all of our databases, ebooks and online resources from anywhere on your college-issued laptop. 

Checkout Periods for Staff 

 - Books (90 Days, 2 Renewals)

-  DVDS (3 Days, 2 titles, No Renewals)

- Audiobooks (21 Days, 1 title, No Renewals)


If you're a fiction reader, we have a great collection! You can browse our collection here. To see what movies and documentaries we have, browse here. We also welcome you to stop over anytime to browse in person. We're happy to help you find anything or give recommendations. 

Stay tuned for next month's newsletter for more information on our leisure reading collection and the benefits of reading for fun!

Women's History Month: Women in Science 


Silent Spring

March is Women's History Month. Below are a list of resources from our collection that highlight the important role that women have and continue to play in science fields. From famous scientists, to important discoveries made by women, celebrate this month by checking out our collection and learning more about women in science. Here are some other great resources to check out:

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What's New?


PLEASE NOTE: We have a new smaller new book display located in our library lobby. Some of our newest titles will be featured here every month. You can still browse the rest of our newest titles and featured collections from the library online on the landing page for our online catalog, HENRY.  

Click on the book titles for book descriptions.

Books on Mars & Space Exploration


The Mars rover, Perseverance landed on the surface of Mars on February 18th after almost a seven month long journey. It was launched on July 30, 2020 and since landing has been sending some really neat footage from the mission. You can check out video footage of the landing, new audio recordings and findings from the first flight of Ingenuity, the Mars Helicopter. Check it out on NASA's website here. You can also check out some of the great books and other resources we have on Mars and space exploration below. 

Featured Collection - The Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture


The Cambridge Companion to the New Testament

Cambridge Companions are a series of authoritative guides, written by leading experts, offering lively, accessible introductions to major writers, artists, philosophers, topics, and periods. The specific collection featured below focuses on philosophy and religion.

If you want browse some some of the other topics covered in the Cambridge Companions series, including literature, classics, and music you can search or browse those titles here.

The Cambridge Companion to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

This Companion offers a concise and engaging introduction to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. Providing an up-to-date 'snapshot' of scholarship, it includes essays, specially commissioned for this volume, by twenty-three leading scholars. The volume examines a range of topics, including the historical and religious contexts for the contents of the biblical canon, and critical approaches and methods, as well as newer topics such as the Hebrew Bible in Islam, Western art and literature, and contemporary politics. This Companion is an excellent resource for students at university and graduate level, as well as for laypeople and scholars in other fields who would like to gain an understanding of the current state of the academic discussion. The book does not presume prior knowledge, nor does it engage in highly technical discussions, but it does go into greater detail than a typical introductory textbook.

The Cambridge Companion to the Bible and Literature

This Companion volume offers a sweeping survey of the Bible as a work of literature and its impact on Western writing. Underscoring the sophistication of the biblical writers' thinking in diverse areas of thought, it demonstrates how the Bible relates to many types of knowledge and its immense contribution to education through the ages. The volume emphasizes selected texts chosen from different books of the Bible and from later Western writers inspired by it. Individual essays, each written specially for this book, examine topics such as the gruesome wonders of apocalyptic texts, the erotic content of the Song of Songs, and Jesus' and Paul's language and reasoning, as well as Shakespeare's reflections on repentance in King Lear, Milton's genius in writing Paradise Lost, the social necessity of individual virtue in Shelley's poetry, and the mythic status of Melville's Moby Dick in the United States and the Western world in general.

The Cambridge Companion to Reformed Theology

This Companion offers an introduction to Reformed theology, one of the most historically important, ecumenically active, and currently generative traditions of doctrinal enquiry, by way of reflecting upon its origins, its development, and its significance. The first part, Theological Topics, indicates the distinct array of doctrinal concerns which gives coherence over time to the identity of this tradition in all its diversity. The second part, Theological Figures, explores the life and work of a small number of theologians who have not only worked within this tradition, but have constructively shaped and inspired it in vital ways. The final part, Theological Contexts, considers the ways in which the resultant Reformed sensibilities in theology have had a marked impact both upon theological and ecclesiastical landscapes in different places and upon the wider societal landscapes of history. The result is a fascinating and compelling guide to this dynamic and vibrant theological tradition.

The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Ethics

The field of ancient Greek ethics is increasingly emerging as a major branch of philosophical enquiry, and students and scholars of ancient philosophy will find this Companion to be a rich and invaluable guide to the themes and movements which characterised the discipline from the Pre-Socratics to the Neo-Platonists. Several chapters are dedicated to the central figures of Plato and Aristotle, and others explore the ethical thought of the Stoics, the Epicureans, the Skeptics, and Plotinus. Further chapters examine important themes that cut across these schools, including virtue and happiness, friendship, elitism, impartiality, and the relationship between ancient eudaimonism and modern morality. Written by leading scholars and drawing on cutting-edge research to illuminate the questions of ancient ethics, the book will provide students and specialists with an indispensable critical overview of the full range of ancient Greek ethics.

The Cambridge Companion to Christian Political Theology

Interest in political theology has surged in recent years, and this accessible volume provides a focused overview of the field. Many are asking serious questions about religious faith in secular societies, the origin and function of democratic polities, worldwide economic challenges, the shift of Christianity's center of gravity to the global south, and anxieties related to bold and even violent assertions of theologically determined political ideas. In fourteen original essays, authors examine Christian political theology in order to clarify the contemporary discourse and some of its most important themes and issues. These include up-to-date, critical engagements with historical figures like Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Immanuel Kant; discussions of how the Bible functions theopolitically; and introductions to key movements such as liberation theology, Catholic social teaching, and radical orthodoxy. An invaluable resource for students and scholars in theology, the Companion will also be beneficial to those in history, philosophy, and politics.

The Cambridge Companion to the Hebrew Bible and Ethics

The Cambridge Companion to the Hebrew Bible and Ethics offers an engaging and informative response to a wide range of ethical issues. Drawing connections between ancient and contemporary ethical problems, the essays address a variety of topics, including student loan debt, criminal justice reform, ethnicity and inclusion, family systems, and military violence. The volume emphasizes the contextual nature of ethical reflection, stressing the importance of historical knowledge and understanding in illuminating the concerns, the logic, and the intentions of the biblical texts. Twenty essays, all specially commissioned for this volume, address the texts' historical and literary contexts and identify key social, political, and cultural factors affecting their ethical ideas. They also explore how these texts can contribute to contemporary ethical discussions. The Cambridge Companion to the Hebrew Bible and Ethics is suitable for use in undergraduate and graduate courses in liberal arts colleges and universities, as well as seminaries.

Fighting Disinformation During Covid-19


With a wealth of information available at our fingertips, it can be overwhelming in the digital age to wade through all of the information that we encounter everyday. Add in a global pandemic and it can be difficult to determine what information about Covid-19 and vaccines is true and what is misinformation or disinformation. Below are some resources that we hope will help guide you. As librarians, we are experts in finding quality information from trustworthy sources and determining whether a source may be providing misinformation or disinformation. Please reach out to us if you ever have a question or need help determining the credibility of a source. 

Click here to view this interactive presentation in a larger window Facts In the Time of COVID-19 from the Pacific Science Center in collaboration with University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public.

General Resources on Misinformation, Disinformation and Fake News

Learn more about Fake News, Misinformation, & Fact-Checking using this helpful guide from Ohio University 

Fake News & Disinformation subject guide from Central Washington University Libraries 

Check out this video called How to Separate Fact from Fiction Online by Markham Nolan at the TEDSalon in London. Markham Nolan shares the investigative techniques he and his team use to verify information in real-time, to let you know if that Statue of Liberty image has been doctored or if that video leaked from Syria is legitimate. 

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