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The faculty book ordering process is changing!

Book orders

Choice Review cards are being discontinued by the company. But fear not! There are other ways to learn about and request new books. One of the best sources of information is Choice Reviews, which offers timely reviews on scholarly titles. We will announce more details on a new ordering process shortly, but in the meantime the library continues to accept orders in the form of lists from Books in Print, links to records in Amazon or a publisher catalog, or simple email requests. Keep sending them in!

Book budgets

We are also simplifying budget allocations. The library will no longer designate a specific budget amount to each department. Simply make your requests without worrying about the math.


Faculty book orders are a key component to building the Buhl Library collection. Thank you for continuing to identify key titles for purchase!


Market research graphic

Got a great idea for a product or service? Will the next great invention be yours? Unfortunately, even the best ideas can be a flop if there aren’t enough customers who need your solution. Market research can help. Using available data sources, you can learn more about:

  • Who your customers are
  • What they like and don’t like
  • How many potential customers you have.


Where can I start learning about my potential customers?
Buhl Library has access to lots of great resources, but one of the best for learning about your customers is Passport GMID. This versatile tool provides access to timely information about megatrends, consumer values, and consumer behavior. Wonder if your customers want free shipping? Need to know how much they use technology? Passport GMID can help.

To gather data on your consumers’ preferences, how many potential customers you have, and the competition, you can’t beat Statista. Offering millions of statistics on behaviors, attitudes, markets, companies, brands, and products, Statista provides access to quality data on topics ranging from autonomous vehicles to Ziplocs. 


Who is my competition?
While both Passport GMID and Statista offer insight into the competition, you may also want to check out Business Source Premier and Mergent Intellect. Each of these databases provides reports detailing individual companies and whole industries to help you gauge who the competition is and the information that you need to know to compete.


Market research estimates tip

Want to see that math in action? Check out this infographic on estimating statistics!


Statista logo

Statista is an amazing source for all kinds of statistical information! This site brings together data from over 22,500 sources across many topics and makes it easily usable. You can:

  • Search for individual statistics and download them in multiple formats
  • View statistical data that has already been compiled into reports focused on trends, markets, political and social topics, countries or regions, and more
  • Utilize forecasting insights on the market, consumers, companies, and eCommerce
  • Have fun with the Daily Data feature, which offers up an infographic on a trending topic each day.

Getting started in Statista is easy! You can search by keyword and then browse results or utilize filters to focus on statistics, reports, or insights. You can also use the tabs at the top of the screen to jump right into different categories and options. For more information on using Statista, check out our video.

Fun with Statista!

Here are some fun seasonal statistics mined from Statista. 

Most popular holiday?

Thanksgiving is the most popular holiday in the US, beating out both Christmas and Memorial Day by the slimmest of  margins.

Santa wondering

Are real or fake trees better for the environment?

The debate is perhaps resolved. Statista reports that real trees have lower greenhouse gas emissions than fake trees.

Christmas tree

The end of the world?

The Mayan calendar predicted that the world would end on December 21, 2012. Amazingly, in a survey earlier that year 12% of Americans believed this would be true.

Mayan relief image

Whiling away Christmas Day?

Only 13% of Americans make music or sing together on Christmas Day. 19% play board games and 50% watch some TV.

Old photo of family singing

Time to hang the lights?

1% of Americans hang their Christmas lights in September. Almost half do so before the beginning of December. How many lights are up in your neighborhood?

Outdoor Christmas lights

Top Christmas film?

Home Alone is the most-watched Christmas film in the US, with 87% of people surveyed having seen it. How the Grinch Stole Christmas came in 2nd.

Home Alone cover

Good luck, Parker!


Buhl Library bids a fond farewell to Parker Miller, a student worker since spring 2022, who is graduating this month. If you are a library night owl, you know Parker! He spends many late hours in the library either working the desk or studying, and he is also one of the library’s top book borrowers. After graduation Parker will be attending CROSS CON and then beginning a journalism internship at the Washington Examiner in DC, with graduate studies in Japanese history likely further down the road. Best of luck, Parker!


Christmas favorites graphic

Here are some of your favorite holiday classics among the Buhl books and DVDs. And be sure to check out the seasonal displays coming in the next few weeks in the library!



Merry Christmas!

This month's poll!

Which of these 21st century inventions will end up having the greatest impact?
The iPhone: 0 votes (0%)
CRISPR gene editing technology: 0 votes (0%)
Bitcoin: 0 votes (0%)
Multi-use rockets: 0 votes (0%)
ChatGPT: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 0


Will you be the next Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs? Keep reading to learn how library resources can help your invention find a market!

Stockings for Veterans graphic

Don't forget! There is still time to contribute before the December 6th deadline.

Buhl Library is once again coordinating a Stockings for Veterans event on campus, in partnership with GCC Mortar Board and the local Rose and Black Funeral Home. Stockings filled with personal care items will be distributed to homeless veterans at area shelters at the holidays. 

Please participate! You or your campus group can sign up to fill a whole stocking, or you can contribute travel-size toiletries and other items by bringing them to the library or to the bookstore (you can purchase items there too!).  

Visit the event website for more details, including recommended items. December 6th is coming up fast!


On the importance of critical thinking:

"Few things are more important to students’ education than the need to think independently, critically, and evaluatively. For it is not what you know, but how you gained the information and your ability to evaluate it."

from Hamme, Richard. The myth of education in America : students should be taught how to think, not what to think. Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, 2022. Buhl Library LB1590.3 .H363 2022

Book cover

Staff Updates


Kim Marks, Assistant Director of Library Services, will be serving as one of the co-chairs of the College’s next Middle States reaccreditation process. Related to this role, next week she will be attending the MSCHE Annual Conference in Philadelphia. This year’s theme is Setting the Standard: Transformation through Accreditation.

What's New?


Here is a sampling of new resources in Buhl Library. Be sure to also check out the new book display in the library lobby.

Hover over a book's title to view a summary.


You spoke!

According to last month's newsletter poll, 62% of readers have used an eBook in the past 6 months. That's great! eBooks offer conveniences and an enormous selection of titles. Keep them in mind if you are looking for a read over break!

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