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Research Basics

How can I keep track of the sources I used?

How can I keep track of my sources? 

Try using a Citation Manager.

Question: Answer:
What do they do?  Citation managers collect the details about each source you used and help you to cite in-text and create your bibliography.
What are the pros & cons of using one?

Pro: Source details are automatically saved, organized, and stored.

Con: They are not 100% accurate. Users should double check their citations.

Can I store documents there? Yes! Some full text stores automatically or you can upload documents.
Where do I access one? 

You can access Zotero or Mendeley free online.

Which one should I use?

Get help choosing between Mendeley and Zotero.

What if I need to cite in a style that isn't listed?

You can add new styles to both citation managers using the Zotero Style Repository.

For help importing a style, just Google it!

How do I get started?

Mendeley Cite offers help inserting citations, creating bibliographies, and more.

Help is also available for installing and citing with Zotero.