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Research Basics

Find Books by Title/Author

Find Books by Title and/or Author

1. Go to Discovery.


2. Search for the Title and/or Author. 
Tip: use the options provided to limit your search to the title or author.

Discovery search for A to Z of the Vikings, using the title bullet limiter.

Any print or eBook copies will appear in your results.
Tip: use the books and eBooks limiters on the left to remove book reviews from your results.

  • Print copies will have a location and call number. 
  • eBooks can be read online or downloaded


Discovery search result for A to Z of the Vikings. Print and ebook copies are available; location, call number, PDF, and full download information and links are indicated.

Find Books by Topic

Find Books by Topic

1. Go to Discovery.


2. Enter your topic. 

  • Search for keywords, not whole sentences.
  • Try synonyms.


3. Limit to Books and eBooks.

Screengrab of Source Types limiter with Books and eBooks selected.

Too many results?

Try using the Subject limiter.

Screengrab of Subjects limiter showing Christian art and Christian Art and symbolism subjects selcted.

Not finding enough books?

Use one that is on topic to find others by following the Subject Terms links.

Screengrab of Art as Biblical Commentary book record with subject term Christian art and symbolism highlighted.

Tips for Efficient Books Research

Tips for Efficient Book Research

  • Check the Table of Contents and the Index for your keywords to zero in on the most important sections.
  • Review the bibliography for the section(s) or chapter(s) you use to identify additional sources.