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Advanced Sociology Research

Getting Started with Review Articles

Time-saving review articles summarize key research and emerging issues since 1975. Extensive bibliographies provide authoritative paths to relevant primary literature.

Topics include major theoretical and methodological developments and current research in the major subfields.   Review articles cover social processes, institutions and culture, organizations, political and economic sociology, stratification, demography, urban sociology, social policy, and historical sociology.

To find research articles, start by reading review articles. 

Review articles provide:

  • important keywords and terms
  • a timeline of existing research, 
  • great bibliographies of previous research,
  • the names of important authors on that area of scientific research.

After you have read some review articles, you are ready to move onto finding Research Articles.

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Questions about Reading Citations?

Having trouble identifying the resources you locate in a bibliography?

Not sure if you are looking at a book, journal, or article from an edited book?