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City, Town, & County Research

Historical Newspapers

Tips for Locating Information about your Hometown's History

Depending on the size and location of your hometown, where and how much information you find will vary.

The links above are designed to help you get started, but if you need additional information, here are some suggestions for further searching:

  1. Using the resources above, gather the names of important Dates, Events, Industries, and People in your town's history. You can search these terms online or in the Historical Newspapers listed above to find specific information and/or photographs about those topics.
  2. Watch out for name and spelling changes. Some towns were originally called something else, spelled differently, and/or multiple communities were combined. Again, the resources above can help identify these issues and give you additional search terms.
  3. Broaden your search to the surrounding county. Sometimes you'll find information about the surrounding communities in county history information.