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City, Town, & County Research

Locating a Map of your City, County, or Zip Code

Need to find a map of your city, county, or zip code? Check out these tips for locating a map.

  Google it!  There are lots of city and county maps available online.

  Ex:   Searching for Los Angeles city map brings up a map that shows all of
                       the different neighborhoods in LA.


  Try Zip Code Boundary Maps. Simply search by state, county, or zip code to locate a
   map of your town and its surrounding zip codes. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Once you size the map to your needs, you can save/copy a picture of this map using Print Screen function, Snip It, or Screen Sketch.
  2. To remove the colors so that you can color your own zones, paste the image into an image editing program such as, Screen Sketch (windows 10 users), Photoshop, etc.
  3. If using, go to the Effects options, then Artistic, and finally Ink or Pencil Sketch (either will work -- ink lines will be darker).
  4. Remove all coloring (move the slider down to zero). You can also darken the ink/pencil lines.
  5. Once you have this blank template, you will be able to add your own coloring for each zone (remember to save each image separately for your project).
  6. NOTE: When you save the final map in programs like, make sure that you save it as a .png or .jpg file to insert it into other documents later.