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Researching for your Elevator Pitch


Want to strengthen your pitch?

Use the tools below to gather statistics about your potential target market and learn about your competition.

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More tips for locating statistics

 Tip #1: Search for organizations with a vested interest in your topic.

  • Sometimes these organizations gather the best information and stats.
  • Example: the Alzheimer's Association


 Tip #2: If you can't find a statistic, estimate!

  • For some of your topics, you may only be able to locate national, state or county statistics.
  • But, you can make estimates for Grove City based on the data you can find.
  • Example: If I am looking for the number of people in PA that suffer from asthma, I can find PA's population (12,774,000) and how many Americans have asthma (8%) to estimate a number (1,021,920).

Question mark icon                         Not sure how to estimate? Check out this infographic for an example.


For national population data, use the U.S. Census:

Researching your Competition

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