Copyright Clearance Center Info

Grove City College purchases the Copyright Clearance Center’s Annual Academic License for blanket copyright permission. 

How to Use CCC’s annual academic license program:

Use the 'RightFind Academic Search" feature to search for permissions.  If the item you want to use is in the licensed program, contact Conni Shaw for further instructions before use.  (We keep usage records for compliance verification).

Remember that permissions are granted one semester at a time through CCC. Check each new semester to be sure that nothing has changed before continuing to post or copy and hand out.

TEACH Act Info

What TEACH Does Not Allow -- The new exemptions under TEACH specifically do not extend to:

  • Electronic reserves, course-packs (electronic or paper) or interlibrary loan (ILL).
  • Commercial document delivery.
  • Textbooks or other digital content provided under license from the author, publisher, aggregator or other entity.
  • Conversion of materials from analog to digital formats, except when the converted material is used solely for authorized transmissions and when a digital version of a work is unavailable or protected by technological measures


   The information presented here is intended for informational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice.