Grove City College Copyright Policy


The College expects all faculty and staff to follow copyright law in all their academic activities. Faculty who do not comply with copyright law are considered to be acting outside College policy and are personally responsible for any copyright infringements.

This policy affects all handouts, course packs, e-reserves, items posted on course management systems – and dissemination in any manner of someone else’s work.

Faculty should plan to use only those collateral readings that will become an integral part of lecture, discussion, testing, and seek permission for these materials through channels already established for e-reserves.

Faculty using others’ works as part of their class activities should collaborate with the Buhl Library staff to:

  • Review their current practices and collections of readings.
  • Where possible, use readings from the College’s full-text databases whose licenses include copyright permission.
  • Determine copyright costs through Copyright Clearance Center or publisher, if necessary.
  • For all other readings consider avenues other than print or electronic full-text.

Buhl Library provides copyright permission information on its web page with links to web sites that further elaborate on various aspects of copyright policies and laws.   All copyright permissions paid for by the College will be housed on a common server with usage traced and reported to faculty. If a reading is not used or used very little within the semester, other options may be explored before further use.