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World War I

Use this guide to access resources related to World War I.

World War I Notes

Important Names, Dates, & Facts: 

  • 1914-1918
  • World War I is also known as "the Great War"
  • President during the War -- Woodrow Wilson
  • Armistice - November 11, 1918

Important Associated Happenings:

  • Paris Peace Conference (Versailles Treaty)
  • League of Nations

Best Places to Start

Other Recommended Resources:

Start with some background reading. While it is tempting to start your research by identifying available books and articles, this process will be very time-consuming if you have not read up on your topic.

  • Use some of the reference databases and/or books recommended on this guide to help you locate important names, dates, and keywords. Using this strategy, research is often better and takes less time!


Many resources include a bibliography. Use them to locate other books, journals, web sites, etc.

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