Curriculum Library


Lending Period and Borrowing Privileges:  
Borrowing materials from Hamilton Curriculum Library is considered a privilege rather than a right. Lending periods and borrowing privileges vary according to the status of the user, but the use of a valid borrower's card to check out materials implies agreement by the borrower to abide by the assigned due dates and to return the materials in good condition. Failure to meet either requirement may result in fines and/or the loss of privileges.

Renewal Information: Items that are eligible for renewal may be renewed via email, by phone, in person, or online. 

Lending periods and Circ Info



Student Teachers

Faculty & Staff

Circulating Books*

14 days/2 renewals

42 days/1 renewal

120 days/2 renewals

Course Reserves

2 hours/1 renewal

1 item per checkout

2 hours/1 renewal

1 item per checkout

2 hours/1 renewal

1 item per checkout



14 days/1 renewal

14 days/1 renewal

14 days/1 renewal



Same day checkout/due by 10 unless special permission granted by the director.

Items are subject to recall for reserve use
Equipment includes: Opaque Projector; Overhead Projectors; Video Cameras


The resources and services of the Hamilton Curriculum Library are designed to support current GCC Education Majors in their professional courses, field experiences, and student teaching. 

Non-education majors may borrow books and items at any time.

Digital Recorder

Digital Recorder Policy: The digital recorders were purchased by the Education Department for use only by students who are majoring in Education. They are to be used solely for education projects, including class presentations, student teaching assignments, and any other use assigned by a professor. Other uses of the recorders are at the discretion of the library director.