Curriculum Library

Supplies & Services:
All materials must be paid with your Crimson Cash card prior to receipt.

Pocket Lamination: (self-service *) 

Small (4x6) 30¢
Medium (9x11) 30¢
Large (9x14) 40¢
Large (12x15) 45¢

Roll Lamination is available at 50¢ a foot (not self-service)

Color and White Cardstock Paper: 20¢/sheet
Construction Paper: 10¢/sheet
Posterboard: 50¢/sheet

Color Roll Paper: 10¢/foot

Brown & White Roll Paper:

Education Project: FREE

Personal Use: 10¢/foot

Ellison Machine: FREE (you may use your own paper or purchase paper from the library)

Book Binding

Small: 10¢/binding
Medium: 20¢/binding
Large: 30¢/binding
Extra Large: 40¢/binding