Courses designated as information literacy (IL), writing-intensive (WI), and speaking-intensive (SI) provide opportunities for the library staff and faculty to work together for the good of your students. Please consider the library your partner and consult with the instruction librarians as you are constructing your library assignments.

In return, we will:

  • dry run the assignment and suggest changes if appropriate

  • review available resources with you

  • present in-class or small group instruction to your students focused on their assignment

  • provide print and electronic pathfinders for your classes

For your part, please:

  • give a copy of your assignment and all accompanying handouts to the instruction librarians prior to assigning them to your students

  • give the assignment to your students and discuss it before the instruction session

  • attend the instruction session and interact with your students; your presence demonstrates the value you place both on your assignment and on your own scholarship.

We welcome evaluation of instruction and library service that you and your students are willing to give us.

Remember that your classes are part of the whole of your department’s offerings. Please be logical and thoughtful in your departmental choices of classes in which to give library instruction. Our goal is to give focused and helpful instruction at the point of need and not to repeat or bore our students.


Instruction Librarians:
Amy Lister , ext. 2148
Kim Marks, ext. 1532