Guidelines for Reserve Items & Copyright Permission

Contact:  Conni Shaw (x3842)

To place books, problem sets, readings, tests and videos on reserve, please contact Conni Shaw.  All items except videos are used in-house for 2 hours at a time; videos have a 4 hour out-of-library circulation period.

NOTE:  Please be advised that Buhl Library does not place course text books on professors' print reserve shelves.

  • You may gather books from the stacks yourself or ask us to.
  • Place personal copies on reserve at your own risk; we cannot guarantee their return to you in good condition.
  • All items are removed from reserve at the end of the semester or intersession.
  • It is your responsibility to tell us if your students will be assigned the same readings in the following semester.

Info for electronic reserves: 

  • Photocopies must be clear and legible.
  • Originals for scanning should be free from underlining, highlighting and other professorial squiggles.

Copyright Permission:    

The Copyright Compliance Policy covers all readings used in classes – handouts, library reserves, course packs, course management systems.

We seek and pay for copyright permission for all readings mounted on e-reserves or multiple copies placed on print reserves. Make your requests early enough for permission to be acquired. Permission may be denied; if so, we will discuss with you other steps we can take to provide the reading to your students. Occasionally you will have no recourse but to choose another reading for which we can acquire permission.

Usage statistics for each reading will be provided to faculty at the end of each semester.