Book Orders are due by March 22, 2024

You may email your book requests directly from Choice Online to Jill Forsythe -- Please contact Barbra Munnell with any questions or special requests.  

Each department or major program is allotted new book money each year and may determine how they as a faculty group wish to distribute the funds among themselves. Consult your group's Library Committee representative or program coordinator for allocation details and an explanation of the process used in ordering books and journals.

Consult Barbra Munnell, coordinator of collection development, for assistance in finding and selecting books to order (724.458.3824, munnellbm@gcc.edu).


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One of the obligations — and privileges — of faculty members is ordering new and replacement books that will enhance the teaching and learning of their students.

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The 7 volume print version has been checked against Buhl’s collection, although this cannot be reflected in the online version.