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Microsoft Surface Hubs

Huddle Room Policy during Finals:

Beginning May 9 (Study Day), reservations are limited to one slot per day to be fair to other students.    

Surface Hubs 
Harness these digital learning tools to aid your current coursework and prepare you for future work environments.


What can a Surface Hub help me do?

Collaborate with others

  • Study with your classmates
  • Plan your next group project
  • Hold a virtual meeting

Study and Plan Projects on Your Own

  • Brainstorm paper topics
  • Study for exams

Take Your Work with You

  • Log into the Surface Hub or any of its apps to save your work for later!

How do I get started?

  1. Reserve a Huddle Room or simply walk up to one of our mobile Surface Hubs.
  2. Tap on one of the apps available from the home screen
    • Call -- to hold a Teams meeting
    • Whiteboard -- to brainstorm
    • Connect -- to mirror your laptop or other device on the Surface Hub
    • Sign in -- to access your Office365 files

How can I learn more?