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Common Abbreviations for Books of the Bible -- MLA

Apocrypha Abbreviations

Selected Apocrypha 

Abbreviation: Book:
Bar. Baruch
Bel and Dr. Bel and the Dragon
Ecclus. Ecclesiasticus (also called Sirach)
1 Esd. 1 Esdras
2 Esd.  2 Esdras
Esth. (Apocr.) Esther (Apocrypha)
Jth. Judith
1 Macc. 1 Maccabees
2 Macc. 2 Maccabees
Pr. of Man. Prayer of Manasseh
Sg. of 3 Childr. Song of Three Children
Sir. Sirach (also called Ecclesiasticus)
Sus. Susanna
Tob. Tobit
Wisd. Wisdom (also called Wisdom of Solomon)
Wisd. of Sol. Wisdom of Solomon (also called Wisdom)