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Library Resources for Residence Life

Find Subject Specific Resources


 Need resources on a current hot topic or on a topic that your floor may be experiencing like exam stress, time management or adjusting to college life?  We have some great resources on these topics.

How to Find Subject Specific Resources

We have books and online resources that you can use to learn more about the subject of your display or program. You can even point students to our resources so they have the option to explore more about the topic if they wish. Here are some great places to start -

  1. Search Henry (Our online catalog) This will search all of the books we have in print. Try searching for keywords and subjects like time management, Christian leadership or personal budgets.
  2. Search Ebsco eBooks. In addition to our print books we also have over 130,000 eBooks in our collection. Search using your keywords in Ebsco eBooks.
  3. Need Statistics? Use Statista or the Statistical Abstract of the U.S to find statistical information on social, political, and economic topics in the U.S and across the world. For example, you will find social media statistics in Statista that tells you the most popular platform and number of users worldwide. The best part about using these resources? They're from reputable sources! 
  4. Current Events/Hot Topics Looking for information on current events and hot topics like climate change, immigration or health care reform? use CQ Researcher that covers today's most important issues and controversial topics. 
  5. Country or Travel Resources Use Country Watch and Global Road Warrior for cultural, social, business and travel information for countries around the world. We have travel guides and books for countries around the world. To find these in our collection search HENRY using the country name AND travel guides.