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Videos & Audio Books

Use the tabs or links to search Buhl Library's video and audio book collections.


"Biographical films" portray the life of an individual, sometimes through a fictional account.

If you are looking for a documentary on the life of a famous person, use "Biographical (Nonfiction)."



Want to learn something new while you watch?

Try searching for movies that are "Educational" or "Documentary." Examples include The March of the Penguins (shown below) and Bowling for Columbine.

Note: You may want to use the advanced search option and couple your term with a topic, such as World War II, a country, the environment, etc.

Film Adaptations

Enjoy reading?

Books, plays, and short stories that have been turned into movies can be found by searching for "Film adaptations."

Feature examples are Pride and Prejudice , The Bourne Identity , and the works of William Shakespeare.

Foreign Language Films

"Foreign language films" can be fiction or nonfiction and include numerous languages, such as Mandarin, German, French, and Russian.

Teachers in Films

Need to watch a film about the difference teachers can make in the lives of their students?

We have grouped all these movies under the heading "Teachers in films."