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POLS 277: Research Methods

Use this guide to locate the resources you need to develop your research design and complete your literature review.

Search Henry: A Step-by-Step Guide

Searching Henry: Step by step

1. Go to Original Henry.


2. Click on Browse


3. Choose Subjects from the drop-down menu.  


4. Enter your search term(s)


5. Then click Set Limits

Screengrab of Original Henry Browse search for elections -- united states with the subjects limiter selected and set limits button highlighted.

6. Fill in your desired Date range and click OK. Then click Search.

Screengrab of Original Henry Set Limits menu with the date limited from 2012-2022. The OK button is indicated.

7. Your results will show all of the subjects that start with your terms.

  • There may be more than one you want to explore. Simply click on your choice to view the list of books about that topic.


Screengrab of Original Henry subjects results list. Elections -- United States is highlighted.


8. Then click on any titles of interest for more information.

Screengrab of an Original Henry results screen.

Need to know more about the book?

Click on the title to see:

  • The publisher (look for any university press)
  • The date
  • The call number 
  • View the Table of Contents (available for many titles)

Screengrab of Original Henry result for The character of American democracy. The publisher, date, call number, and table of contents are highlighted.

Search Ebsco eBooks: A Step-by-Step Guide

Searching Ebsco eBooks: Step by step

1. Access Ebsco eBooks.


2. Scroll below the search box and find the Browse By Category options. Choose Political Science. 

Screengrab of Ebsco eBooks search screen with the Browse By Category option for Political Science highlighted.


3. Add your Keywords.  


4. Add university press and change the drop-down option to Publisher

Screengrab of Ebsco eBooks search bars. Keywords and university press (limited by Publisher) are shown.


5. Then limit by Date using the ruler or boxes provided. 

Screengrab of Ebsco eBooks results screen with date limiter highlighted.


6. To see if a book is relevant to your research topic, review the 

  • Subjects
  • Table of Contents
  • and Most Relevant Pages From This eBook sections (see screengrab below).

Ready to view the full text?

All titles will be full text, but you have the following options:

  • PDF -- provides page numbers for easy citing
  • EPUB -- works well when using a small screen (no stable page #s)
  • Full Download -- optional
    • If you would like to download a book, you must create an Ebsco account and download Adobe Digital Editions. Instructions are available.
    • You can view a title as many times as you like without ever downloading it.

Screengrab of Ebsco eBooks results screen with the PDF, EPUB, Full Text, Table of Contents, and Most Relevant Pages From This eBook buttons highlighted.