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Want to know more about the Surface Hub and how it works?
Here are answers to some questions about this new technology.

Q: What apps are available on the Surface Hub?

A: Several Microsoft apps are available, each using a special operating system that is unique to the Hub. A clock, maps, and an Edge browser are also available.

Full Application List:

  • Microsoft Apps
    • Excel
    • OneDrive
    • PowerBI
    • PowerPoint
    • Whiteboard
    • Word
  • Other Apps
    • Calculator
    • Camera
    • Clock, includes a stopwatch and timer
    • Edge browser
    • Maps
    • Photos

Q: Can I use a program/app that is not included on the Hub or prefer a different browser?

A: Yes. Simply connect your device to the Surface Hub and display whatever you need to from there. Just follow these steps.

Q: How do I connect my device to the Surface Hub to use/display its content?

A: Here's how:

1. On your laptop, simultaneously touch the  window* and P keys.

2. Then, click the link to Connect to a Wireless Display.


3. Choose the Surface Hub you want to connect to (name is located in the bottom left corner of the screen). Type the code located on the Surface Hub into the box provided.


4. To scroll and select content on your device's screen from the Hub, check the box to allow mouse, keyboard, touch, and pen input from this device.

* The Win Key image was taken by yum9me and provided for use on Flickr with a Creative Commons Attitribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0). Any use other than stated in the license is prohibited by copyright.

Q: Should I sign in to the Surface Hub or to individual apps?

A: That depends on what you are doing on the Hub. Here are some rules of thumb:

  • Sign in to the Hub when you want:
    • Access to all your files
    • Access to your Teams account
  • Sign in to individual apps when you want:
    • To save files you create on the Hub for later
    • To share files with others while collaborating on the Hub
  • No need to sign in if:
    • Using the web browser
    • Using apps temporarily 
      • If you decide you want to save a file for later, you can sign into individual apps before closing it.

Even if you do not sign in,
make sure you END SESSION before leaving the Surface Hub so that your work and files are cleared for the next user.