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HIST 209: Renaissance & Early Modern Europe

Use this guide to locate reference materials, books, journal articles, web sites, primary sources, and search tips for the study of Renaissance and Early Modern history in Europe.

Best Places to Start your Research

Best Places to Start:

Other Recommended Resources:

Use the search box above to locate relevant titles from the series listed below.

  1. Very Short Introductions  
    Highlighted Titles in this Series:  Stuart Britain ; French Revolution
  2. Cambridge Illustrated History  
    Highlighted Titles in this Series:  France ; Germany
  3. Historical Dictionaries of ...  
    Highlighted Titles in this Series:
    the British Monarchy ; Ottoman Empire ; Spain

  4. Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations
    Highlighted Titles in this Series:

Start with some background reading. While it is tempting to start your research by identifying available books and articles, this process will be very time-consuming if you have not read up on your topic.

  • Use some of the reference databases and/or books recommended on this guide to help you locate important names, dates, and keywords. Using this strategy, research is often better and takes less time!


Many resources include a bibliography. Use them to locate other books, journals, web sites, etc.

  • Look for authors and/or works that are cited in multiple works; they may be important. Use of other bibliographies is especially valuable when you are building a comprehensive bibliography.
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