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ENTR 102 -- Technology for the Entrepreneur

Use this guide to research technologies used in entrepreneurship and business.

Get Started

Start with some background reading. While you may already know something about the topic you are researching for this class, you may not know how or why people are using it in the business world or what other keywords or terms are associated with it. 

Background reading can help you answer these questions and identify additional search terms.

After you have completed your background reading and developed a good list of keywords, you can move onto finding Journal and/or Newspaper Articles or locating information on the web.

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Find Books

Search books on EBSCO Discovery

Here are a few Subject Headings to get you started. Simply copy and paste one of the terms below into the Library Catalog search box and change the drop-down box to Subject to begin searching.

  • Web 2.0

  • Electronic commerce

  • Internet marketing

  • Target marketing

  • Interactive marketing

  • Online social networks

  • Blogs

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list, so be sure to look for additional terms as well.

Want to Browse the Shelves? 

Here are Some of the Relevant Call Number Ranges to Check Out:

HF 5415.126 - HF 5415.1265 - Online marketing

HF 5548.32 - Electronic commerce

HM 740-749 - Social networks

TK 5105.8884 - Telecommunications

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