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HIST 337: Global Military History I

Covers prehistory to 1870

HIST 337: Global Military History I --
Research Assignment Help

Don't be defeated by research this semester!

You can win the war by checking out the tips and timeline below to help you get started.

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Advice & Timeline for Conducting Research

Weeks 1-2: Think of a Topic 

  • Seems like this part of the assignment should be easy right? But sometimes it's not. So, here are some suggestions for how to generate some ideas for your project this semester.
  1. Think about what interests you in terms of military history (certain leaders, wars, battles, technology, etc.).
  2. Read through your syllabus or talk to someone from your class (a student or your professor) -- this can sometimes spark an idea.
  3. Thumb through the table of contents of an encyclopedia -- these can be great IDEA GENERATORS.

Weeks 2-4: Start your Research

  • Once you have a general topic mind, the next step is to learn more about it. From here, you'll be able to identify specific RESEARCH QUESTIONS which may become the focus of your research paper.
  • Use the Background Reading tab to access great places to start, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, histories, and helpful series. 

As you learn more about your topic, don't forget to ...

  1. Keep track of the important names, dates, and keywords you come across. Keeping a list of these will make finding books and articles much easier!
  2. Check out the bibliographies of encyclopedia entries -- they can be a great way to identify helpful books and articles, as well as primary sources.

Weeks 5-8: Find Books

  • Once you have a research question(s), you are ready to begin digging deeper.
  • Your next step should be to Find Books. The tab above includes tips and subject headings for locating books in print and online.
  • Use the table of contents and/or index to find the most relevant portions of books quickly.
  • If you need to request a book through interlibrary loan, be sure to give yourself enough time. Books may take 7 to 10 business days to arrive.

Use the table of contents and/or index to find the most relevant portions of books quickly.

Weeks 9-11: Find Articles

  • In order to find the most relevant articles, it's best to search for them after books. That way, your research questions will be even more focused.
  • Use the Find Journal Articles tab to access the Journal of Military History and other scholarly journals related to world history, military, government, and other related fields.

Don't wait until the last minute to identify your sources. Instead, leave yourself a couple of weeks to write the paper because, as you begin this process, you may realize that additional sources are needed.

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Primary Sources & Citations

If Using Primary Sources ...

  • Use the tab above: Find Primary Sources 
  • Learn how and where you can locate primary sources using HENRY, in Buhl's print and online collections, and on the web.
  • REMINDER: When including primary sources in your research paper, be sure to locate these sources alongside your books and articles. This allows you to thoroughly engage with your sources, rather than simply insert them at the end.


And Don't Forget to Cite Your Sources

  • When compiling your bibliography, look here for help: Cite Sources
  • Librarians can help you cite correctly too.